Financial planning is the key platform for sustained business growth.
Our job is to support the decisions of the COMPANY'S MANAGEMENT under the perspective of cash through the financial analysis.
For day to day of the financial administration, our main focus is technology, providing a secure environment for the financial control and information, allowing that the body of the company spends more time on your business.

     1.    Structuring Cash Flow and Investment: Help in establishing a cash policy, focusing on the financing of the operation;​

  •   Supporting in establishing a cash's policy with a focus on financing the operation;​

  • ​  Helping in the business' positioning => Maximization of the resources => Funding

  • ​  Preparing of a Budget for Cash and Capital Expenditure => Funds for day to day operations;

  • ​  Control of spending on investments => Reduction of the Financial Expenses;​

  • ​  Control about the "Resources' Leakage", and

  • ​  Overview from the cash flow in advance.

2.    Implementation of Internal Controls - Support in the administration of "accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash" in an adequate security environment.

3.   Outsourcing of Financial Area - Assistance in implementation of a migration strategy to the financial structure of SHARE SERVICE, BPO and others :

​    — Processing of the Billing and Collection​

    — Finance Process​

    — Cash Flow​

    — Negotiations with Financial Institutions / Banks Interfaces​

    — Treasury     




– Systems Implementation / ERP - FOCUS ON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT​

​    – Interface Development with ACCOUNTING​

​    – Development of a specific CHART OF ACCOUNTS for the CASH FLOW VISION​

​    – Management of CASH FLOW​

    – Debt Control​

​    – Investments/ BNDES Control​

​    – Management of the ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE​

​    – Credit's Policy​

​    – Analysis of Contracts – FOCUS ON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT​

​    – Management of the Financial Cost​

​    – Risk Panel => Implementation of THE PERFORMANCE INDICATORS​

​    – PROCESS FLOWCHART's Analysis​

​    – Operational Reorganization => MAPPING, PRESENTATION OF A PLAN, AND EXECUTION​

​    – Strategic Qualification – Trainning process of Manpower​