A FLOW OF INFORMATION EFFECTIVE guarantees:​​​​​​​​​​ ​
  • Control of the business with more focus on RESULTS
  • ​Management under a CREDIBLE ATMOSPHERE​
  • ​Increase of Productivity
  • Management and Cost Reduction, and,​
  • ​Integration of the Areas.​ 

=>  We support the implementation of the STRUCTURING/ REORGANIZATION Process of the Company's Financial and Controllership areas.​


​​=>  In line with customer requirements for quality and finance conditions,​
 (o)  We help organizations in managing accurate and effective information => Maintain the integrity and adequacy of internal controls.​

​ (o)  Support the implementation of, a financial control and information in a secure plataform => It allows the executive body dedicates to the business.​​

Structuring of an effective system of reporting focused the decision making:​​

  • System of Information based on Performance Indicators and Operational Cash Generation - EBITDA​


  • ​System of Management based on COSTS x PRICES' POLICY​


  • ​Budget as a basis for definition of operational goals, Net Income, and support to control costs and expenses​


  • ​Finance Planning for the Decision Making - NET INCOME x CASH


  • ​Diagnosis of the Company's Financial Health.

​Management of the Migration's Process from the Accounting and Finance Areas - Structuring/, Reorganization Process :

  • ​Processing, of the accounting closing in accordance with Brazilian GAAP / IFRS / U.S. GAAP, including all reports which are part of the financial statements required by the company.


  • ​Preparation of the Annual Budget Plan, development of instruments which will monitor the progress of the budget, comparing with the current performance, and, helping with the necessary modifications of the plan.​​


  • ​Determination of Cost of Goods and Inventory Controls.​


  • ​Implementation of Fixed Assets Control (analytical) and reports.


  • ​Processing, Coordination/ Advisory, IR, ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ISS, etc.., Bookkeeping, tax calculations and reports ( Income Tax, VAT and others ).​


  • ​​Outsourcing of the Financial Area, including billing and collection processing, financial process, cash flow, negotiating with financial institutions, banks interfaces (Electronic Payment) and treasury.​​​