Consulting - ACTIONS PLANS


(o)  Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses​

(o)    Evaluation of Macro-Processes

(o)    Identification of Opportunities

  •    Bottlenecks

  •    Balancing

  •    Redundancies

  •    Reworks

  •    Other factors causing cost and waste​


​​(o)    Expertise via Project Management Methodology

  •    Identification of clear actions

  •    Definition of Mesurable Objectives​

  • ​   Implementation based Realistic Deadlines.

  •    Schedule of Implementation

  •    Definition and involvement of the Heads

  •    Regular meetings of the Monitoring of the Initiatives/ Actions


(o)    Implementation​

(o)    Dimensioning of the Financial Impact

SOLUTTIO Business Consulting and its strategic partners have a history of success in helping to face the key challenges the company, including business restructuring, management of cash flow and more.

We have experience in efficient implementation of initiatives to reduce costs in various settings.

We are a consulting company which provides cost-saving solutions for the most diverse industries and business.

In our experience, we have identified that one of the biggest facilitators in solutions which involves scale, sustainable cost reduction is the "design" of a strategic model of delivery and management of the service / product.produto.

The need in defining how certain work is done, where and by whom. The Leading Companies use strategies, such as programs to improve business processes, shared service centers and Business Process Outsourcing and other forms of sustainable management of business costs.

So we work closely with our clients to:
=>   Perform the strategy as widely as possible - Cash Flow Analysis.
=>   Make use of benchmarking to understand how high-performing companies structure and execute certain processes.

=>   Develop and implement a "map" for cost optimization = >> Development of a strategy focusing on processes which promotes flexibility in adjusting the operation and cost structure quickly to the realities of its environment.