SOLUTTIO Business Consulting and its Strategic Partners perform due diligence and business analysis to the Companies and Groups who are involved in investments, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, or need to improve organizational effectiveness in a business unit.​

  Our work goes beyond a " simples check", provide ADDED VALUE, our due diligence reports and business analysis provides QUALIFIED INFORMATION IN THE DECISION MAKING and in the negotiation processes of our customers..

  Based on this expertise SOLUTTIO Business Consulting and its Strategic Partners can help in the preparation of COMPLETE INTEGRATION PLANS. Our work in management consulting enables us to identify opportunities for COST REDUCTION and define EFFECTIVE ACTION PLANS. Strict confidentiality is maintained for all job.  

  • Our actions, in due diligence services, combine an understanding of technologies, logistic, corporate strategy and finance with the ability to summarize complex issues and communicate it in an understandable way.​


  • Our designs are customized based on customer needs.​


  • ​Our efforts are to provide added value in our work, so, we developed a complete line of "due diligence" services and management consultancy covering five distinct areas of expertise.​


  • ​Each area of operation is composed of a select group of consultants / strategic partnerships recognized specialists and highly committed to providing superior level of performance objective, providing critical analysis and effective recommendations.​

** Our Actions Include ** :

​[ STRATEGY ] =>>

We evaluate the strategic fit of the operation. Does it meet the criterias established to the Merger, Acquisition or Investment? We also analyse the strategy of "GO FORWARD" to its existing business units and companies involved.​​


We evaluate the technology "IN OPERATION" existing in the target company. We are prepared and have conditions in recommending technology alternatives available to your business - FOCUS: COST =>> BENEFIT - EFFECTIVE INCOME.​


SOLUTTIO and  its operational partners examine the financial statements and evaluate carefully the infrastructure accounting, information flow, economic and financial health of the target company.

​[ LOGISTIC ] =>>

​We evaluate the operations of the target company and the LOGISTICS CAPABILITIES => COST x BENEFITS. As a result we analyse the key issues that need to be considered during the transaction. Existing companies =>> Our focus is regarding to the opportunities for improvement.​


We support the structuring of plans to ensure successful integration of business / company acquired, and fusion processes.